Depending on your lifestyle and vision, there are various optional features for your swimming pool. Some of them enhance pool fun such as slides and diving boards, while others add to the ambiance—special fountains, sconces, and water features.



Create the excitement of a water park in your back yard with a slide! SR Smith makes fantastic slide that washes you down the slide and into the pool. The safety ladders have non-slip treads to offer peace of mind for users of all ages. Check out some of their design and sizes for your project.

Diving Boards:


Dive into fun as you jump from a safe diving board into the pool. Many options are available, including boards with less spring action, platforms, and jump boards that will bounce you high into the air. Geremia Pools designs its pools around a particular diving envelope to assure safe fun with each jump.

Sconces, Scuppers & Spillways:


Sconces transform a swimming pool into a classical fountain.  A traditional Tuscan style or a modern piece, to everything in between, can provide the gentle sound of water splashing.  Gorgeous patina brass, silver nickel, or natural stone finishes mounted in a high raised wall or the side of the spa flowing into the pool add little touches of beauty to your custom pool.

Check out Bobe or Grand Effects for inspiration.

In-Deck Fountains:


Geremia Pools takes water effects to the next level with a wide variety of deck mounted or in-floor fountains. Create a stunning impact day or night with an elegant stream of water or a frothy foam jet. The water will sparkle in the sunlight or can light up at night for added drama.

Find out more about the Magic Stream product from Pentair.

Water & Fire Features:


A waterfall can be the centerpiece of a swimming pool and a backyard. We can build a custom piece or use a pre-fabricated piece to complete your project. Firebowls can add an amazing visual to entertain guests at night.

Check out Bobe or Grand Effects for more inspiration.

If you seem something interesting or these amazing pools, have inspired you, contact us today!