You can save big on your energy bill with these upgrades!

Go Green with Geremia Pools and SAVE MONEY!

Owning a swimming pool is a significant investment that affects your family, your lifestyle, your finances, and the environment around you. If you’re looking to upgrade to more energy efficient pool equipment, save money, and reduce your footprint, look at our green products and services!

Geremia Pools prides itself on using the most energy efficient and environmentally-friendly pool equipment available.



variable speed pumps

Variable Speed Pumps (also known as “VS Pump,” for short) offer huge savings in electricity for your pool system.

Pentair offers multiple models of variable speed pumps, but we like to promote two specific models: the Intellipro and the SuperMax VS Pump. Simply put, the pump works at higher speeds when needed, such as when you want to run your in-floor cleaning system, but can be set to lower speeds for simpler tasks such as filtration.

Pentair variable speed pumps use a hyper-efficient permanent magnetic motor, much like a hybrid car. This pump also allows your pump to run with much less energy and pass the saving on to you.

A traditional pool pump installed in Sacramento can cost an estimated $1931.00 to run per year in utilities. With a variable speed pump, that number drops to $270.00 per years, a savings of over $1660.00 per year and thousands of dollars over the life of the pump. Check how much you could save with the Pentair VS Savings Calculator.

There are even more benefits to having a VS pump:

  • Pentair's variable speed pumps are up to 4 times quieter than a traditional pool pump.
  • Compatible with IntelliTouch, SunTouch, and EasyTouch control systems so you can control every part of your pool system.
  • Local utilities offer energy rebates from $100.00-200.00 for installing a variable speed pump (Click here for SMUD, PG&E, and Roseville Electric).


Pool sweeps, or pool cleaners, function to vacuum debris from your pool and keep it looking its best. Upgrading your cleaner to a Prowler 820 or 830 can help you save money because they are the most energy efficient to date.


Unlike most pool sweeps, which require an additional booster pump to run, the prowler plugs into a wall socket and is self-sufficient, saving you tons on energy costs per year.

solar covers

Solar covers provide both a thermal effect to heat your pool well as reduce evaporation from your pool. These products save on expensive heating costs for your pool and reduce water loss, which means you won’t need to add as much fresh water.

The Solar Sun Ring (TM) is a passive solar swimming pool heating device made from two sheets of heavyweight UV resistant vinyl. The clear upper layer holds insulating air and focuses sunlight on the blue colored lower layer. The blue layer absorbs about 50% of the sunlight and converts it to heat.

For more energy saving ideas..

Contact our service department, and they can walk you how to reduce your power bills.