Landscaping by Geremia

we do more than pools

We pride ourselves on being Sacramento’s complete backyard designer. Our landscaping team creates beautiful designs that transform your yard whether or not you want a swimming pool.

over 90 years of landscaping experience

Our landscaping division contains landscape architects, two full construction crews, and a team of designers ready to build the yard of your dreams. Whether you want a sprawling backyard for hosting or a small garden for a private moment, we can handle it.

Our experts will walk you through plant selections and provide their tried and true methods for maintaining your garden in Sacramento for years to come.

What About Financing?

While we’re unable to provide you with financing directly, and we do not partner without any one financier, there are several options open to you. It is possible that whichever financier you choose may offer you a credit card as a financing method.

PLEASE NOTE THAT ANY CREDIT CARD PAYMENT WILL BE CHARGED AN ADDITIONAL 3%. has many general resources on pool financing options. Check their financing page for more information and options.

Light Stream provides loans for any pool project your planning.

Lending Club is a partner of and offers a wide variety of pool specific lending options.