Build a New Pool With Geremia

Quality without compromise

We take no shortcuts. We use only the best materials in the industry, and our entirely in-house construction staff ensures your project is handled the right way from beginning to end. Geremia Pools and Landscaping cares about how your new pool looks, functions, and lasts.

If you want a new pool and the bottom line is all that matters, we understand entirely, but we’re not that builder. We’re here to build it the right way, with the best practices in the industry so that you can enjoy your investment longer. If that sounds like your kind of company, then let’s get started.



Every swimming pool is a custom-built creation. From modest family pools to the ultimate outdoor oasis, Geremia Pools & Landscaping makes each design uniquely yours.

We have worked in every type of backyard, every kind of soil and dealt with every permitting process in the Greater Sacramento Area.

If you’re looking for an experienced builder that can make your backyard vision come to life, then speak with one of our experienced designers to see how we can help.

why choose geremia?

We only use the best
We are a certified Pentair pool equipment installer & warranty station and the only licensed seller and applicator of PebbleTec Pool Finish in the Sacramento area.
No Subcontractors
Building a quality pool means never taking shortcuts, using subcontractors may save builders money, but it also means chances for mistakes. We don't take chances with your project.
We have the Experience
We have been building swimming pools for over 95 years. That means we have handled every situation imaginable and have the expertise to get your project done.
We Handle Everything
We handle the process from beginning to end, from drawings to start-up. We also handle any warranties issues in-house, so you have one point of contact for the life of your swimming pool.

We try to build the best possible swimming pool by caring about each step that leads to the final finished project. While you can take our word for it, you don’t have to.

Geremia earned our trust, and I would without hesitation recommend them to friends and family that are interested in building a pool. They are not the cheapest, but they were also not the most expensive, and you get the feeling that a company that’s been around for so long will continue to be there for you.

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What About Financing?

While we’re unable to provide you with financing directly, and we do not partner without any one financier, there are several options open to you. It is possible that whichever financier you choose may offer you a credit card as a financing method.

PLEASE NOTE THAT ANY CREDIT CARD PAYMENT WILL BE CHARGED AN ADDITIONAL 3%. has many general resources on pool financing options. Check their financing page for more information and options.

Light Stream provides loans for any pool project your planning.

Lending Club is a partner of and offers a wide variety of pool specific lending options.