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Pool repair

You’ve invested a lot in your swimming pool, which is why you want to make sure that the professionals you hire for repairs and servicing will do the job right. For pool service in Sacramento and surrounding areas, commercial or residential, call Geremia Pools. We’ve been in business since 1922 and never compromise when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Standard service fee

Geremia Pools is happy to come out to your home, diagnose & fix your pool problem. Our standard service fee cover a technician’s drive time to your location plus up to 30 minutes of diagnostic time for one particular issue.

Only one service fee is charged per issue, return visits for completing repairs are not charged an additional service fee.

Local Sacramento – $90.00
Outer Sacramento – $100.00

Preferred seasonal assessment (PSA)

Have multiple issues with your pool? Does your pool need a checkup?

Our preferred service agreement or PSA is a one-time complete system overview and includes an in-house water chemistry analysis. The technician looks over the entire equipment pad, pool structure & any concerns you have with your pool.

Why get one?

  • A 10% discount on parts, chemicals & repairs for six months from your PSA.
  • A $10 discount on Service Fee's for six months from your PSA.
  • A complete overview of your equipment pad.
  • A complementary in-house water analysis.

Local Sacramento – $130.00
Outer Sacramento – $150.00

Preferred Filter seasonal assessment (PSA)

This service includes everything in our “Preferred Service Agreement” or PSA + an onsite FILTER CLEANING ($100.00 Value)


Preferred seasonal assessment Plus (PSA+)

This is the ultimate check up on your swimming pool. Save big get your swimming pool looking and working at its absolute best! It includes everything that our standard PSA does plus:

  • On-Site Filter Cleaning ($100.00 Value)
  • Our Deluxe Maintenance Kit ($80.00 Value)

Local Sacramento – $250.00
Outer Sacramento – $290.00

Deluxe Chemical Package

This includes an Algaecide, Clarifier, Shock, Sequestering Agent, & O-Ring Lube. ($80 Value)